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Made in Whitstable Minutes 10 February 2016

Open house
is being organised by Trish, Sue and David contact them via e-mail
Oyster trail
23rd and 24th of July 2016 click on MIW web site 'Oyster trail' to attend.
Janet Dance treasurer. MIW now has a community bank account with Barclays in Whitstable. Payments or shows may be paid by cheque, cash or FAST (replacing BACS) to MIW 20-17-92  43775887 at Barclays in any branch. Any queries please e-mail
All subs need to be paid by the 15th April 2016.
Made in Whitstable Logo
It was decided by all members at the meeting that a logo design is needed for MIW. It was decided that a competition  to be judged by the members through the website. The winner will receive a prize of £20. Details to follow.
The vote was unanimous to change the MIW website to a generic site
due to the confusion that members are having and have had in the past. Now the MIW group is run as three separate interties.   It is sensible to have more than one person managing the site.
2017 Horsebridge Dates
We are awaiting to hear from the Horsebridge for the dates requested  for shows next year.
Other business 
Both new and long term members brought up some very interesting points and ideas for the future of MIW.
Date of next meeting 
The next meeting is the 13th April 2016 from 7 to 9pm at the Horsebridge. Anything you wish to bring up at the meeting please email so that it can be placed on the agenda

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