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Hi All,

The Harbour market is being redone with a new team running it and new huts. They are looking to make it more local with more hand made crafts, schools, local shops etc, involved. I have been in contact with the team running this and they are very keen for MIW to be involved. I have invited them to come along to our April meeting to discuss us having a hut, perhaps permanently or getting a pop up hut. So if you have any questions or keen to know anything please come along. if you want to know anything now or unable to come and have questions, please email me on

I am also getting my own hut together and looking for a few people to come in with me so if you're looking for somewhere to sell and also have free time helping me out run the hut as I have to work, please email the above email address and I can send you more details.

Kind regards 

Bethany Rogers

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