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Phillip Ling says yes I would pay £10

As I messaged from the Labour Club we will be happy to pay subs of £20 or more to provide support.  Further if our facilities would assist pls get in touch.


Yep.  I agree with what he said.

Alter Ego

Hi Paul,

I would be perfectly happy with a £10.00 sub.


I would be happy to pay €10. I really appreciate this site.


I know I've only recently joined MiW, but I certainly feel subs should be more than £3!  In lots of ways it's easier to find a £5 note and stick it in an envelope, than it is £3 in coins...... or, indeed, a £10 note has been suggested by previous comments and also put forward at the meeting tonight.

A good meeting tonight, nice to get to know a few more faces - thanks Paul :)  

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